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The monthly meeting of the Black Family Genealogy & History Society  takes place at 10:00 a.m. on the second ( 2nd. ) Saturday of each month at Harmon Public Library, 1325 South 5th Avenue in Phoenix.   Members of the Phoenix, Anthem and Sun Lakes chapters are cordially invited to attend. 

Just a reminder that our website address is…once again!…http://BFGHS.org/

View genealogy webinars for free!  You can also view Legacy Family Tree’s 2016 webinar schedule.  Remember, online access is free for 7 days following the webcast.  To view archived webinars from previous years, you can purchase a monthly or annual genealogistsubscription.  For more information CLICK HERE

BFGHS President Joyce McCollum’s webcast at the Mesa Family Library site is a great introduction to African American Genealogy research. It is free as are all the webinars at this site: CLICK HERE

The Maricopa County Public Library system has used proceeds from its dedicated county tax revenues to purchase a subscription to Ancestry Library Edition and HeritageQuest for local municipal ancestor searcklibrary systems.  Although Ancestry is limited to in-library use only, HeritageQuest is accessible remotely via the Phoenix Public Library website.  Look for it under the ‘Learning and Research’ tab.

Membership in the Black Family Genealogy & History Society is NOT limited to African-American research. Its members have ancestors from a wide range of states and countries.
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