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Understanding DNA results is very important to understanding who you are, your origins, and how you came to be. The results below do not tell the whole story but is the beginning.  H1b1 or H1b1A is not the complete picture. There are more numbers trailing these numbers and letter.

H1 & H3

Haplogroup H1 is by far the most common subclade in Europe, representing approximately than half of the H lineages in Western Europe. Roostalu et al. (2006) estimate that H1 arose around 22,500 years ago. H1 is divided in 65 basal subclades. The largest, H1c, has over 20 more basal subclades of its own, most with deeper ramifications. H1 is found throughout Europe, North Africa, the Levant, Anatolia, the Caucasus, and as far as Central Asia and Siberia. The highest frequencies of H1 are observed in the Iberian peninsula, south-west France, and Sardinia. H3 has a very similar distribution to H1, but more confined to Europe and the Maghreb, and is generally two to three times less common than H1.

Distribution of mtDNA haplogroups H1 & H3 in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. African is the home of humanoids. 

Distribution of mtDNA haplogroups H1 + H3 in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
Conversation posted today that s worth placing this blog.
Anne Hart

Does anyone know where the origin of my MtDNA is found: H1b1-T16362C according to FamilyTreeDNA, but H1b1A, according to Genographic Project of 2013. Which would be the correct haplogroup, Family Tree or Genographic Project? How old is this mtDNA type? And in what country or geographic region is this my mtDNA found in the highest numbers? Thanks for any info.

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