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Native American’s are apart of our history

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Donna Koch

Multi-Ethnic Virginia and Carolina History posted June 9


I was researching somewhere else and this is a partial response I received. Is this true? ” Native Americans no matter what Tribe they belong to would not be on a US Census until after 1924 when they were allowed to be US citizens. Each Tribe listed their own on their own Rolls. Cherokee have all listed back to 1817.”

Did people not lie to census takers or the census takers made his own determination?
What am I not understanding?

Thanks for educating me.

Response: Native Americans were treated in some cases worst than Africans in America.  They were not allowed to vote or be educated until the 1900’s around 1922-1924. The Indian rolls (Dawnes Rolls) were created to register every Native American and can be found in the National Archives.  Some Native Americans passed as white and therefore did not register.  Most of those groups can be found in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina insignificant groups. There are ofter states with this population. Seminole Nation ancestors went to Mexico along with Africans to avoid being sent to Oklahoma. Only a few came back after the Indians wars. They still can be found in Mexico today. You can find a large number of Native Americans now living in Canada who crossed over from Connecticut and New York.

Some reference for your research journey.

  • www.archives.gov/research/native-americans
  • American Indians Census Rolls 1885-1940
  • Census records for Eastern Cherokee (Force march from SC to OK)
  • Chippewa
  • Pueblo
  • Seminole
  • 1857 Shawnee Census – Kansas Territory
  • Yakima, Tulalip, and  Swinomish – Washington Territory

There is a Native American Ancestry group on Facebook for further treatment of the subject. This is a valid conversation to have and to discuss.

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